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The Icon Brothel

Welcome to the Cathouse

The Icon Mistress
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Hello and Welcome my graphics cathouse, filled with pin-up, Bettie Page, movie, body, celebrity, fantasy and other random icons as well as friends only and welcome banners, headers, textures and brushes, and other graphics by yours truly, dinkylorenzo.

1) My LJ is Members Only, if you want to see my graphics, join the community and add me as a friend [if you dont know how to join a community, keep scrolling, theres a how-to towards the bottom]. It may take you a while to see the icons, so if you cant see the icons right after you join, dont worry, this is normal, just check back later.

2) Please keyword credit iconxbrothel for each icon you use and credit me in your user info for each banner/header you use.

3) If you want to take an icon/banner/header/ect, leave a comment and tell me which one[s] youre taking.

4) If you want me to customize an icon for you, Ill be happy to do it, if I have the time. But I dont do requests, this isnt the place for that.

5) NO direct linking!!


Here are some samples of my icons, DO NOT take any of these without asking me first and please credit if you take any of them:

Please note that I do not claim to have created any of the pictures used in my icons, I have taken pictures from other artists [many with their permission], modified and customized them to create my own art.
All of the credit for the original pictures goes out to these amazing artists:

Shane Glines

shaneglines.net, art by Shane Glines

Brandon R. Johnson

littlecartoons.com, art by Brandon Ragnar Johnson

Andrew Bawidamann

bawidamann.com, art by Andrew Bawidamann

Other Artists: Bill Ward, Katherine Dinger, Marcus Gray, Selina Fenech, Nene Thomas, Jessica Galbreth, Panicalex

[all above banners were created by me and are not featured on the artist's websites]

How to keyword credit: go to User Pictures under the Manage menu. Click the link that says "Edit User Keywords." That will bring you to a new page displaying all of your icons with blank boxes next to them. In the box next to your icon, write "created by iconxbrothel."

How to credit for a banner/header/background image: go to Manage and then Info. Then, in the box where you write what you want to be on your info page, write "banner/header/background image created by iconxbrothel."

How to credit for a texture/brush: if you are using them for personal icons or for icons that will be posted in your icon community, on your info page write "texture/brush credit for some of my icons goes to iconxbrothel." If you are using them to make icons that will be posted in other communities, credit iconxbrothel within the post.

How to join this community: go to my info page, on the top of the page there will be a link that says "if you want to join this community, click here," click that link, this will bring you to a new page where you will be asked if you want to add this community to your friends list or not, please add my community to your friends list by keeping the box checked. Finally, click OK and youre done.

What is direct linking?: direct linking is when you, rather than saving a graphic to your own server and uploading it, either through LJ [if it's an icon] or onto a hosting site like photobucket, you right click it, go to properties, copy the link and use that link to on your livejournal or website to use the graphic. This steals the bandwidth from the artists who make and share graphics with others. If you respect and enjoy viewing a graphic makers work, please save the graphics you want to use and upload them to a hosting site so that everyone can enjoy them. If you have any other questions about direct linking, dont be afraid to ask.

Show your love by linking a banner!

click here to see more banners

[if you dont know how to use a picture as a link, click this and LJ will tell you how]


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